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Welcome to the Benefit Service Center!

At the Benefit Service Center, Inc. (BSC), benefit administration is what we do, and we do it well. We provide a high-quality, cost-effective program, designed specifically to meet your needs.

At the BSC, we don't see ourselves as a vendor. We are your partner in providing quality benefit services to the partcipants in your benefit plans. You design a benefit program to attract and retain the best qualified candidates - we help you make sure it works!

About Us

Benefit Service Center, Inc. (BSC) is a privately held company founded in 1991. The sole focus of the company is benefit administration, and the company is staffed with benefit professionals who love (yes, love!) working with plan participants and client companies to administer benefit programs.

Our Mission

  • To deliver the highest quality customer service that surpasses your expectations
  • To see the terms and conditions of your benefit plans are followed
  • To ensure that only eligible individuals are covered under your plans
  • To be the company that Saves You Time, Saves You Money, and Saves You Headaches

Our Mission is delivered to you by friendly team members that are highly trained as experienced benefit professionals, not by an automated phone system!

Our Commitment to Superlative Customer Service

We believe in providing good old-fashioned customer service. This is why when you call our hotline number during business hours, you get a live person -- not a voice-activated menu system, not a voicemail message, but a real, live person who will listen and help.

Multi-Lingual Language Services

BSC has Spanish-speaking Benefits Specialists as well as access to translators for virtually all other languages. This service increases the comfort level your employees have in working with BSC. Plus, discussing employee benefits in one's native tongue helps your employees better understand the value of their benefits.


Benefit Service Center, Inc.
9500 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Attn: Information Request

Our Business Hours

Our business hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PST), Monday through Friday. Voicemail is available to take a message during non-business hours and calls are returned the next business day.

You're a Good Employer

You know that the key to staying competitive is having a top-notch workforce that does it right, and does it fast.

When it comes to attracting good workers, keeping them motivated, and keeping them with your company, a quality benefit package - medical, dental and life - is more important than ever.

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Call Center

Your employees have urgent questions regarding
their employee benefits. BSC has the answers.

Claims Advocate

Don’t leave your employees adrift in the world
of claims issues. Let BSC guide them.

Benefits Web Portal

Let technology empower your employees. BSC
gives them online access to their benefits.

You Are Unique

Every employer strives to manage their employee benefits in the most effective manner. Yet not everyone administers them the same way. BSC analyzes your internal systems and processes to learn how to best integrate into your organization and provide optimal services. That means you aren’t responsible to meet our system requirements or procedures—we develop a custom protocols to meet your needs. Cookie cutters are good for making cookies, but they make poor business templates.

Day-to-Day: Unburden HR

Today's HR has to "do more with less". Too often the day-to-day needs of your employees distract HR from their important strategic functions. BSC takes on that burden.

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Monthly Administrative Functions

Each month, thousands of dollars in improper charges are lost in the tedius and complicated functions of employee benefits programs. BSC makes sure you don’t lose those dollars.

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Open Enrollment season is normally the most hectic time of year for any HR department. No doubt you wish you had more help. BSC is there for you.

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Additional Services

BSC rounds out our Benefits Administration support by providing key additional services.

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BSC Clients

BSC works with all corporate organizations from mid-size privately-held companies to multi-state national operations.

A sample of the clients we serve:


  • Public Safety Union with 21,000 lives

  • Utility Union with 11,000 lives

  • Firefighter’s Union with 3,500 lives

Public Entity;

  • One of nation's largest Counties

  • Municipality with 3,400 lives


  • Holding Co. with multi-state operations

  • Independent Grocer competing with national chains

  • National Healthcare Provider with 16,250 lives

Contact Us

Benefit Service Center, Inc.
9500 Topanga Canyon Blvd
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Attn: Information Request

Phone: 800-842-6635
Fax: 818-678-0030
Email: services@bscinc.com

Business Hours

Our business hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PST), Monday through Friday. Voicemail is available to take a message during non-business hours and calls are returned the next business day.

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A Benefit Administration Plan For You

Year by year, benefit plans have grown more complicated and difficult to administer. The business of benefits is being constantly turned upside down by industry consolidations, consumer demands, government regulation, and technological advances.

When your employees have a question about coverage, a problem with a plan, or a complaint about service, where do they go? Most likely, to your Human Resources or Personnel Department, and it's a heavy load for them to carry, with a heavy cost to your bottom line.

To top it off, because you are handling questions, concerns, and complaints, employees and their families often wind up thinking of you as the insurance company rather than their employer. And we all know what most people think of insurance companies.

At the Benefit Service Center, Inc. (BSC), benefit administration is what we do, and we do it well. We provide a high-quality, cost-effective program, designed specifically to meet your needs.

We are there for you

With the BSC at your side, you won't feel like you've outsourced - you'll feel like you've added a valuable new partner.

Call Center

Your employees will always have questions about their employee benefits. Their insurance coverages can be confusing to them, and as their family changes (birth of child, marriage/divorce) they need to update records.

Rather than running to HR for answers or forms, your employees can have access to a toll free Call Center staffed by BSC's Benefit Specialists. This can be better for your employees because these Benefit Specialists can research and respond to the questions immediately. The Benefit Specialists are fully trained in your organization's coverages, plus they have the essential resources at their fingertips.

BSC has a proprietary database of all facets of your employee benefits. When your employees call, we can research their situation immediately and usually can answer their question or resolve their issue then and there. If it requires further research, the Benefit Specialists takes ownership of the matter and follows it to resolution.

Your result is happier employees.

Claims Advocate

When an employee has a significant claim, they may encounter a strange new world of deductibles, co-pays, network providers, etc. This can confuse and distress even the most intrepid employee.

With BSC, all your employee needs to do is make one phone call to our Claims team and they will have the support and technical expertise of our Claims Specialists. So when it comes to:

Your employees will have the comfort and support of a team who will navigate the claims world on their behalf. This can often be the most valuable benefit you offer your employees.

Benefits Web Portal

Today's employee often wants 24/7 online access in order to manage their employee benefits. BSC delivers.

Each of your employees will have a secure and personalized web portal that includes:

By providing cutting edge technology to your employees, you empower them to become proactive in managing their insurance coverages and other benefits.

Toll Free Employee Call Center

Employees have benefits questions, and turn to HR for answers. This means your staff has to stop their current project in order to listen to the issue, research it, and respond. This takes many hours out the week that could be better applied toward more meaningful work. BSC provides an Employee Call center that is staffed by trained Benefit Specialists who have access to a database of benefits information specific to each of your employees. When they call us, we normally can resolve the issue on the spot, or if not we follow-up and respond in a timely manner. So when an employee needs . . .

. . . they don't intrude on HR. They simply call BSC and our professional team cares for them.

Claims Advocate

Often the most confusing and frightening experience an employee can have with their benefits is when they have a claim. The insurance world can be a mysterious maze for the untrained. That's where BSC comes to the rescue. We assist with:

Again, no need to bog down your staff. Often all it takes is one call to our Claims team. If it is a complex claims issue, BSC will obtain a signed HIPAA Authorization form and go to bat for your employee. You will find that your employees are grateful for this support from their employer.

Employee Benefits Web Portal

Many employees prefer to explore, research, and ask questions online instead of on the phone. Each of your employees will have a secure web portal that aggregates the following:

Once again, you can offer this convenience to your employees while reducing the burden on the HR Department.

Eligibility Management

Tracking employee eligibility is a thankless chore. Trying to coordinate between HR and Payroll, enforcing Waiting Period rules, and dealing with exceptions can lead to exasperation and ultimately expensive errors. BSC will develop an effective interface to be certain that your eligibility remains current and accurate. Once we agree on a process, normally HR no longer has to get bogged down with eligibility ever again.

We synchronize this data with each of your carriers to provide them with timely updates.

Premium Reconciliation

If eligibility management is a chore, trying to reconcile these records with the various carrier's bills magnifies the headache exponentially. Experience shows that carriers nearly always have incorrect monthly billings.

With BSC, we take your multiple bills and use our proprietary reconciliation software program to identify discrepancies. Our trained staff then investigates any irregularities until all issues are resolved and we produce a clean bill.

Consolidated Billing

The final monthly burden is paying the premiums. After we have reconciled your bills we produce a report of all premiums due. You have three options:

Billing Report - BSC simply provides your accounting department with the billing report and accounting can make the various payments.

EFT - After reviewing the report and approving it, your company sends us a single aggregate amount and BSC will break the funds down and pay the various carriers on your behalf. One simple step.

ACH - Same as above, but instead of an EFT, we are funded via ACH transfer.

Open Enrollment

BSC can assist you in navigating this demanding yet critical time of year. Some of the services we provide are:

We work closely with your broker to coordinate an effective and simple education and enrollment process. With your guidance, we will develop a customized program to fit the needs of your HR Department and your employees.

New Hire Enrollment

Once our eligibility tracking systems alerts us that a new hire is close to completing his Waiting Period, we will initiate the New Hire Enrollment Process. HR can be involved to the degree that you desire. Ultimately we can handle the entire process for you if you so choose.

New Hires will have all the same tools that are available during Open Enrollment. They can either enroll online or by paper applications. They can consult with our Call Center for all questions. We will include the new hires in our carrier updates and open their benefits web portal for them.


COBRA compliance is an important component of managing your employee benefits program. Fines for falling out of compliance can add up quickly. With the laws continually changing, it is important to partner with an administrator who will keep you updated. BSC will develop a plan to coordinate COBRA with your HR Department. We can offer:

Your company can stay involved to some degree if you prefer, or you can choose to completely free your team from COBRA.

Flexible Spending Accounts

The tax savings both for your company and your employees make an FSA an important part of your benefit offerings. BSC can integrate a FSA with your other offerings. We offer the conveniences of:


High deductible health plans are becoming an ever more important tool to combat the ever-increasing health premiums. BSC will coordinate HSA and HRA services for your employees. Again, we offer the conveniences of:

Spouse and Dependent Audits

A well-managed employee benefits program should include all cost-containment features available. BSC includes Spouse and Dependent Audits as an integral service.

It is normal for BSC to identify a significant number of ineligibles during an Audit. These may be an employee purposely covering an ineligible person, or perhaps just a misunderstanding of the eligibility rules. Regardless, these subscribers add to the cost for all.

BSC will also perform an ongoing audit by verifying documentation for all newly added spouses and dependents.