Annual Open Enrollment

BSC can assist you in navigating this demanding yet critical time of year. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Employee Communications
  • Email Campaigns
  • Online Enrollment Platform
  • Paper Enrollment Support (Manually Processing Data Into BeneSource*)
  • Benefit Statements (“Hidden Paycheck”)
  • Post-Enrollment Carrier Data Feeds
  • Post Enrollment Deductions to Payroll
  • Toll-Free Call Center Support Throughout Enrollment

We also work closely with your broker or consultant to coordinate an effective and straightforward education and enrollment process. With your guidance, we will develop a customized program to fit your organization’s needs and your plan participants.

*Secure Proprietary SaaS-based Benefit Administration Platform

New Hire Enrollment

Once our eligibility tracking system BeneSource* alerts us that a new plan participant exists, we track the eligibility Waiting Period and initiate the New Hire Enrollment Process. Other plan sponsor representatives can be involved to the degree that you desire. Ultimately we can handle the entire process for you if you so choose.

Newly eligible plan participants will have all the same tools available during Annual Open Enrollment. They can either enroll online or by paper applications. In addition, they can consult with our Toll-Free Call Center with any questions they may have. We will include newly eligible enrollment data in our ongoing carrier updates and notify the applicable payroll department of any deductions (if any). If you have a direct payment plan, you can choose BSC Direct Billing, and we can initiate direct billing of plan participants.

*Secure Proprietary SaaS-based Benefit Administration Platform