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  • Plan Participant Services

    Whether you sponsor a Union Plan, Voluntary Employee Benefits Association (VEBA), or any other type of association plan, your plan participants need and expect access to a variety of support tools. BSC offers several plan participant resources.

  • Enrollment Solutions

    Open Enrollment season is usually the most hectic time of year for any health and welfare plan. This can also be true when adding newly eligible plan participants. No doubt you wish you had more help. BSC is there for you.

  • Administrative Functions

    Each year, many benefit programs lose thousands of dollars in improper charges, premiums, deductions, penalties & fees, and lost time in the tedious and complicated functions of benefits program administration. BSC makes sure you do not lose those dollars.

  • Administrative Support

    In addition to day-to-day benefit administration functions, some plan sponsors offer expanded benefits that require additional time and energy to keep the plan participant, and the employer records up to date. BSC can support you with several of these expanded benefits programs.

  • Financial Support

    Most Union or Voluntary Employee Benefits Association (VEBA) plans have premiums that are funded by an employer, payroll deduction, direct debit, direct billing, or a combination of any of these that must be accurately maintained, organized, and communicated to all stakeholders. BSC offers a variety of services to keep your plan running smoothly including automating your plan payables.

  • Plan Management

    Some plan sponsors have additional plans to administer that require different processes and eligibility rules. Depending upon the type of plan offered, the required focus and resources can be daunting. BSC is here to help plan sponsors with these additional plans, whether it is a sub-group of plan members, plan participants, a retiree plan, or following the requirements of a voluntary plan correctly.

  • Reporting

    If a plan sponsor offers Domestic Partner coverage, there are special reporting requirements. BSC offers plan sponsors a multitude of required reporting options and unlimited custom reporting tools.